When I'm not illustrating, I'm often doing social justice organizing and feeding as many people as I can.
While I'm camera shy, I love shooting and editing short films and documentaries.
It's my goal to turn my neighborhood lawns and greenspaces into food forests and community gardens. In my own garden, I'm always looking at ways to grow sustainably, organically and pesticide-free so that I can pass my methods onto neighbors. Here's "Lines to a Nasturtium" by Anne Spencer in my garden.

Food is Free Table Build. 
I've been encouraging and getting my neighbors to build their own food is free pantries and tables so that they can share their garden-grown food and any other food they want to share.
Next: Community Fridges! 
Footage from our local communities organizing work to combat anti-Asian and Pacific Islander Violence.
You can see the full video and interviews here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLERJNzFeHBKURCzf8BnQy9xbQGAEVMV-m
Book Trailer and Song composed and performed by Rayah Jaymes about The Waiting Song, a book promoting autism awareness.

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