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My Super Strange Sock Mystery (2023)
Alligator Flosses Flamingo Wears Galoshes (2023)
Goodnight San Marcos (2022) 
Nikeriff (2020)
My Super Cool Ant Farm (2020)
Nascar & Avondale - City of Avondale (2020)
Guardians of Justice - City of Avondale (2020)
The Valentine Princess (2019)
Just As Handsome (2019) 
Just As Beautiful (2019)
My Super Slimy Fish Bait (2018)
The Girl with the Magical Curls (2018) 
Our Love Is (2018)
Uniquely Me (2018)
Avongers Return - The City of Avondale (2018)
Developing Golfers into Players (2017)
The Kid's Guide to Finn the Rescue Dog (2017)
The Waiting Song (2017)
Wisdom in Color (2017)
The Statistics Monsters: Learning About Median (2017)
Avongers - The City of Avondale (2016)
Sterling the St. Bernard Plays A Sport (2016)
The Kid's Guide to Max the Golden Retriever (2015)
Strike Zone (2015)
The Kid's Guide to Dog Bite Prevention (2015)
The Kid's Guide to Bella the Bichon Frise (2014)
The Kid's Guide to Louie the Labrador Retriever (2014) 
My Magic Pet Fish (2014)
Sterling the St. Bernard with Swag (2014)
My Tomato Guacamole and Onion Sandwich (2014)


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